Mauerpark - A Place to Chase Bargains

Posted By  Webmaster , 06-Jan-17

Mauerpark is among the fewer greener parks situated in densely thickly populated Prenzlauer Berg District of Berlin. The word literally states as Wall Park. It depicts its earlier status as part of the Berlin Wall and its Death Strip.

Summer is high time when tourists including all ages visit this park in huge numbers. Young crowd fashion attired from Prenzlauer District flock to this park frequently.

Berlin?s sportsmen specially basketballers, musicians and many jugglers attract the crowd and provide quality time to those who choose to come here.

30 m Berlin Wall catches every eye as it is the outstanding monument inside the park. Graffiti artists display their talent and art while painting new and contemporary art on this wall and make it more popular.

Especially during the summer, many young people gather in the park. At the weekend, it is a popular place for flea market peddlers, bowlers, amateur football and basketball players, jugglers and musicians as well as karaoke enthusiasts.

Flea market of Mauer Park is special attraction for the shopping lovers. Both locals and tourists enjoy this flea market where every small and vintage item is available to make the customers busy.